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About 10 years later... GYARU MONTH!!!



Honestly it's being so fucking long since last time I've posted in my blog hahaha 

But Reila actually did and amazing job and the least I can do is take a bit of a part of it!! ヽ(´▽`)/

It's also beatiful to have such a significant date to commemorate us gals and the style we love! From the first ones and all the struggles to todays ones! With an open world of opportunities! (`∀´)

You all doing great! Happy gal month to y'all!!!! (*^ω^*)

I'm going and try to post the first challenge! Wish me luck and take care of this poor forgotten veteran hahahahah 

Name / Gyaru nickname and country?

Everybody's known me as Chio for over 10 years! So let's keep the actual name mysterious and let's carry on!
I was born in the hot, beatiful Malaga, but my life took me to live in London over 8 years ago!! So a bit of sun and a little of rain! In the mixture is the power!!

Since when are you gyaru?

As I said before... It's been already over a decade!
I was working in my hometown when trying to find a style to fit myself into! During my teenager years I was pretty much into visual kei and even tried (unsuccessfully) to give it a go to Lolita fashion!
However, gals manga marked my life and sense of fashion strongly and it definitely became a reference for me as soon as I had my own money to start my journey! So let's say... since around 2008?? Kinda!

How did you discover the style?

That's what happens when you don't read all the questions before proceeding 😂😂
As I said before, Gals Manga was probably the way I realized about gyaru fashion and what it supposed and was! But way before, I'd say kataan and manbas in general was what it lighted the gunpowder in my chest!

"I want to be like them!!!!" I thought.

I really wanted to be like them!

What's your current substyle?

I wouldn't say I really have a substyle (nor a style, probably) since there are many styles that I love and enjoy wearing! But I could probably (and unfortunately) discard some of my young age styles since I don't feel as comfortable wearing them as I used to back in younger years! So if we discard gyaru-kaji, ame-kaji and also (even tho I've never really worn it) hime-kaji and some others such as rokku, I would say I'm pretty much into kurogyaru/kuronba, oraora, sometimes boohoo but, hey, always and in top of everything.... A Yankee from the bottom of my ❤️!!!!
I love all related to Yankee culture, bosozoku, sukeban and all!

Why do you like it?

I like Gyaru because... It makes me feel me and free.
I have many complexes about my body. I'm way more self conscious than nobody would believe sometimes (since I look outgoing and even careless sometimes, but I'm really really insecure!) and gyaru always gets to make me feel comfortable. Able to (almost) ignore these insecurities and be who I truly am! I don't think no other styles would have the actual ability of making me feel... Wild and sexy??? 😂

What are your current booms? 

Igari, nose contouring and old school in general!

But, specially, I'm quite obsessed in adding traditional Japanese touches into my clothing. Hair accessories, haori, masks, or even pendant, obi, kimono and geta/zori! I love Japanese traditional wearing and I'm sure there's a way of fitting it into gyaru!

Share 3 of your fav codes.




Why do you like them so much?

I'd say there are different explanation for each of 'em! 

Number 1. Comes from like 2012, right right right before I made my dream come true and traveled to Japan for the very first time! I was so so so smol and my style had improved so much in such a short period of time! I had this little break down when I was like the newbiest person ever and appeared in Chogals! But, you know, rised like a Phoenix and that shit 😂😂😂 it reminds me of how strong we are against adversity and that nevermind what people says or think,  you are how you are and being so, you are amazing!! 

In the vanity side, I used to be SO MUCH into amekaji. I used to love egg like it gave me air to breathe, I loved CocoLulu like a religion and I loved the whole crew too! Kanako, romi, nemoyayo... Everyone! And that gives me the refreshing Californian vibes of it!! Also, short hair ( ゚∀ ゚)

Number 2. Was taken in the room of the Mitsui Garden Ginza hotel I was staying at... Minutes before I went to brightest Tokyo Tower🗼! I was dreaming with this moment!!! How would it be? How should I dress? What shall I do to my hair?? I was such a baby gal but seeing myself in full burando was moving! Also just dyied my hair with one of those Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Pink Champagne colour and I felt like the biggest b*tch ever! Honestly, it has great memories, specially seeing every branded item, my hair, all carefully done... I was so happy and that's why it became of my favs!!!! 

Number 3. is so so so recent! Probably from June? Kinda off. It's been a complicated time for me all throughout 2020 but the last bit I spent in Spain it was brightened up by Calypso and Maka, who were taking care of me all the time! We did some video calls and tried dressing up - talk kind of chat and tried on few styles! That one was just open lashes, black and zebra for us 3 and I think the result was one of the most gyaru outfit I've ever worn without much branding!!!!! Like proper old school! 

I enjoyed of much doing it and chatting with my girls and that's why its one of my favs! 


Have you had the chance to check my shoes and socks in number 3???? That's what I'm talking about!!!! 

Share 3 things your learned during your Gyaru journey.

I've learned a lot. Good things a bad things, actually!

1. Haters gonna hate. No matter what you do. They gonna be there trying to landmine you no matter if you more or less popular! And you have to leave with it and overcome it!

2. How to feel super comfy in my own skin. Meaning, learning how to ignore complexes as much as possible as well as making your strong points even stronger! And be happy with them!

3. Follow your own advice but don't be a bitch and reject constructive feedback! Specially when coming from people that cares!

And last but not least... We all have been newbies once!!!!

Share 3 gaijin gals and 3 Japanese gals you look up to.

Hum! 3 and 3 is never enough!!!! 

But let's go!!!


My bitch twin winning 1St popping as always! Wild and sexy have a synonym!!!

Can we speak about this girl???? Rina is just the most gyaru thing I've seen in my life! this nut model like air she has on her??? Defo looking up!!!! 

And last but not least.... and not even last since we could carry on forever.... AKIPOYO!!!! sorry,  but choosing one wasn't an option! 

Then! Japanese! 

I've chosen models since I look up to them a lot! And they Japanese, so they cover the needs 😂 

1. Manya! Because she has gal vibes in everything she does! Like she's naturally been gal for over 10 years already! And pretty af!!!!!
2. Maachirin! Because she's the bitchiest bitch ever and I love her!!!! I love how extreme and whore she can get!!!! Maybe not a role model for many but an example for me!!! 
3. And my dreamed couple! Does anybody else ship them? 😂😂 I've loved her since I was no even gal and I'm not stopping now!!!! I'll always look up to them even if they not gal no more. They are my reason and my starting point into gal!! 

What's your favorite Gyaru memory?

When I was offered to work for D.I.A from one of their store staffs!!!!
I've told this to many people already and I think it's one of the memories I treasure the most.
In 2015 I went to Japan in Jan/Feb and was shopping sales in 109 when, while in the dress room in D.I.A store, the manager (? Don't actually know if she was a manager, but definitely someone in charge, since she was called from one of the other girls) came to me and pointed a paper in the wall inside the dressing room asking if I was a student.
My Japanese is not the best (and neither was back then 😂) but with few katakana, a bit of intuition and couple of English words... I could understand that the paper was a notice of the store searching for staff!!!
I unfortunately wasn't a student, neither I holded a visa that I could work with so I had to (believe me... Very sadly) reject it 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭
The staff member and the "manager" looked really dissapointed and farewell me so kindly while leaving.

When I even think about it today... I just want to cry!!!!!! ((´д`))

What would do advice to people who want to start in the style but doesn't have the courage yet?

Hum! I'd probably tell them to research, research and research! To get full of the essence! To see styles and styles and to not being afraid of trying!! We all have been newbies and trying makes the improvement!!!! If you never try...  You'll never get there!
Also I would advice to not being dissapointed with themselves, to start little by little (first this ,then that, one step at the time!) And to love every improvement!
And very important... Get a gal pal! That always helps! 

And that was it! How was it??? Did you like it??? I really want to make something nice and new out of this blog! Please, look forward it!!!!! 

Love ya, bitches! 

Don't forget to comment!! 



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Sinistre dijo...


Buenísimo el post. Como ya te dije es una mierda que no pudieras trabajar en la tienda de D.I.A. Igual sin japonés tampoco hubieses durado mucho?? O quizá sí?

A saber.

No sabía que Maachirin fuera tan fuertona, todo mi support a ella HHAAHHAHAHAH!!!!

Y evidentemente, queen Calypso!!

Go go gyaru!!

Nos vemos en la próxima actualización gurl!!!!

ve.i.l dijo...

guapa!! Me han encantado las historias acompañando tus coord!! <3 <3

Exilia dijo...

Bonicaaaa! que bueno verte por estos lares de nuevo! Ha sido súper interesante leer tu post, yo también estoy blessed con la historia de la no-contratación en d.i.a ;_; Era el sueño de muchas gals por aquel entonces, trabajar en una tienda del 109! que mal que al final no pudiese ser...

Por cierto fan absoluta de los outfits, el último me encanta <3333

Besotes flor!